About difference between Chicu and Zuckerberg, increased fares that displease decision makers and presidential dreams in middle of winter

IPN flow synopsis for January 09, 2020

One “feels”, another one does not “feel” at all

The head of the former parliamentary commission of inquiry into the bank fraud Alexandru Slusari said that he had a meeting with Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo on the latter’s initiative and he felt that the official already collected enough facts about this fraud. But he was surprised to learn that Alexandr Stoianoglo hasn’t yet familiarized himself with the annexes to the Second Kroll Report that contains the names of the theft beneficiaries.

Government is slow to understand

The initiative to tax digital companies, such as Facebook, Google and other nonresidents that manage different applications on Moldova’s territory could remain unimplemented. “Going alone against companies that earn colossal revenues by any standards can undermine the efficiency of the whole system and can even affect the relationship with the United States,” says a study conducted by expert Vladislav Kaim for WatchDog.md. But there are strategies that enable the Government of Moldova not to go against the digital giants alone.

“Keep up” as we will not give you money in Tiraspol

In 2016, after the central bank of the Transnistrian region used up all the foreign exchange reserves, it had to reduce the value of the Transnistrian ruble that depreciated by 70% against the Moldovan leu in two years. “Most probably, the central bank of the Transnistrian region in 2020 will have to accept a slight depreciation of the local ruble, of at least 10-15%,” stated economist Veaceslav Ioniță.

“Maize porridge” does not explode, say so-called technocrats

The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) requests the National Road Transport Agency to annul the order by which the interurban transport fares were raised. “The DA Platform realizes the necessity of approving real transport fares that would cover the costs of the operators working in the field, but notes that this process should be mandatorily synchronized with the de-monopolization of the transport sector, modernization of the comfort conditions in public transport.” Also, the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) suggested a legislative proposal that enables the state to intervene when a private business entity will intend to pass on the concession rights to another entity.

Elections – this is what is missing

Daniela Bodrug, the vice president of the Party ”People’s Movement Antimafie”, said the unionist parties of Moldova should provide a common candidate for the presidential elections of the end of this year so as to win. The president of the Action and Solidarity Party Maia Sandu said the person with the biggest chances, who is the most persuasive in this struggle and who can contribute to achieving people’s goals should run in this year’s presidential elections.

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