About “Democrats”’ capacity to fall in love with Dodon, slipslop for children from Cioc-Maidan and devilish temptation in Russian rubles

IPN flow synopsis for March 04, 2020

Those who fed them on wish-wash eat something else

35 students of the secondary school of Cioc-Maidan village in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia were hospitalized with food poisoning. The students’ state is medium-grave, but stable. The students had for lunch soup, pilaf and vegetable salad. In connection with the poisoning, 120 children were examined by doctors at home.

Circus and nothing else!

The National Council of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) mandated the party’s administration to have negotiations and agree political partnerships for ensuring a stable government. According to the Socialists, the same political agreement signed by the PSRM with the ACUM Bloc will form the basis of the possible future political alliance as this document was accepted by society and the international partners. “This is one more proof of the fact that the Socialists further support the fulfillment of the commitments agreed in June 2019,” runs the PSRM’s message.

This is the difference between truth and falsehood

The Action and Solidarity Party follows attentively the current developments in the Democratic Party. “It is a decisive moment on the trajectory of this political party that chooses between reform and internal cleaning, on the one hand, and the annexation by the Party of Socialists, on the other hand,” stated the PAS, noting that during the past few weeks it has made effort to find a common platform with the PDM by negotiating the statements on the irreversibility of the European integration path and condemnation of the intentions to federalize the country and initiation of the procedures for dismissing the Government. All the attempts were yet declined on different pretexts.

Yanukovich borrowed even 3bn

The disbursement of the Russian loan of €500 million to Moldova is delayed because of the replacement of the Cabinet in Russia. “The sum remains of €500 million. We now need almost €200 million for the contracts we have. The rest will not be disbursed for now and we will not have to pay interest on this amount,” said the minister of economy and infrastructure.

If Moldovans were as optimistic...

The winemaking industry, light industry, local tourism and information and communication technology sector of the Republic of Moldova have witnessed a considerable development since they started to benefit from assistance from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). “We were of assistance, but the country should strengthen its capacities by itself. The Republic of Moldova’s course is unique and we make sure that we monitor all the available resources and believe that the country is powerful enough to make some choices itself,” noted USAID Mission Director Scott Hocklander.

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