About Country Defense War of 1992, Socialists’ ban on parking and vendetta of aboriginal political fossils

IPN flow synopsis for March 03, 2020

Dodon made him minister, not his mother

PPPDA MPs ask to question minister Aureliu Ciocoi about his position on the events of 1992 and the foreign policy concerning the European integration. “The foreign affairs minister’s involvement, in a defiant manner, with anti-constitutional statements, in this issue can be regarded as indirect admission that the Transnistrian region with its so-called authorities form part of the foreign policy area,” runs a press statement issued by the PPPDA.

If Ion does not write own history, Ivan will write it

The persons who protested
in the central square of Chisinau on March 2 were ignored by all the governments of the Republic of Moldova so far. Our rulers during 30 years haven’t had sufficient character to classify the Nistru war. The persons who took part in this armed conflict, the volunteers, do not have an official status. They have always been outside the social programs of all the governments,” stated analyst Stela Jantuan.

And all kinds of leaders consider themselves Batman

Analysts believe the pro-European parties will lose the next parliamentary elections too if they do not work out a common strategy. “The parties of the right’s chances of winning are very slim. The center-right parties demotivate the voters by their behavior, by the absence of a strategy. These should realize that they need mobilization instruments by which to persuade the voters that they can win,” said lawyer Ștefan Gligor.

City at beck and call of “masters-destroyers”

Starting with March, the municipality will be implementing a restricted parking regime on all the main streets of the capital city. Under the order, it is banned parking on sidewalks and the roadway of Ștefan cel Mare Blvd, Grigore Vieru St, Constantin Tănase St, Bănulescu-Bodoni St, Alexei Mateevici St, Alexandr Pushkin St and Kiev St. The parking traffic signs on these streets are to be taken away.

Naked kings, episode “X”

The leader of the Party of Communists (PCRM) Vladimir Voronin requested the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate the “confessions” of the president of honor of the Democratic Party Dumitru Diacov, who said that the turncoats from the Communist parliamentary group of the previous legislature were bribed. Voronin asks to take legal action over the corruption of MPs, to examine the statements of Mister Dumitru Diacov about the eight MPs named in the posting and to determine the sum of money paid to each of them for leaving, who and to whom paid this money, in what currency and under what conditions”.

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