About activation of Russian federalization instrument, magicians from nozzle of public utilities and political marriage for fear of criminal cases

IPN flow synopsis for February 18, 2020

Are they connected by the same sins or, possibly, by virtues? 

The leaders of the Democratic Party and the Party of Socialists took part in a joint meeting with President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu, which focused on the common agenda of the Government and Parliament. They asked to adjust the governmental agenda to the commitments undertaken by the two parties before the people.

Air sellers from nozzle of public utilities

The chairman of the National Public Association “Consumer Protection” Piotr Guțul said the Republic of Moldova is a captured state. By raising the water and heat charges and other tariffs, the rights of consumers are violated. He went to different institutions to demand that the rights of consumers should be respected, but he was refused everywhere.

It’s mere circus!

President Igor Dodon demands to account for exaggerated heat bills for January in Chisinau. Earlier, SA Termoelectrica informed that the invoicing period in January 2020 was of 32-36 days, while the similar period in January 2019 was of 29 days. The average calculations for 31 calendar days show that the heat consumption for last month was actually by about 12% lower than in the same period last year.

It’s not the U.S.  here with impeachment for telephone discussions

MP Dinu Plângău said t
he commission of inquiry into the anti-constitutional putsch attempt found out that during the protests mounted in front of a number of state institutions, the tents of the General Inspectorate for Emergencies were given to protesters through the General Police Inspectorate, at the request of the then chief of the Inspectorate Alexandru Pânzari and by the verbal order of ex-minister of the interior Alexandru Jizdan. It was established that the protests were organized by the PDM and the Shor Party and most of the protesters were remunerated. Also, Alexandru Pânzari allegedly ordered that employees of the Ministry of the Interior should not allow the MPs to enter the state institutions surrounded by protesters.

This will also pass...

Executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives Vlad Kulminski said President Igor Dodon caused considerable damage to the Republic of Moldova in the Transnistrian settlement process. According to him, Igor Dodon in 2013 promoted a bill on Moldova’s federalization by creating a new state. He later abandoned this idea, but now returned again to it. The Democratic Party, which currently supports Igor Dodon, also promotes the interests of another state, namely those of the Russian Federation.

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