Yellow and maroon bullshit. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“To overcome the permanent crisis, the Republic of Moldova needs authentic, responsible parties and charismatic leaders, not bullshit of different political colors…”

Unionists vs. Europeans 

The leaders of the unionist parties in the Republic of Moldova do not stop criticizing and attacking the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS). Criticism is something normal, especially because we convinced ourselves after the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, 2021 that we should not expect the PAS government to do something special. In this short period of time, we witnessed shameful acts of nepotism, politicization of the state regulatory institutions, lack of competence etc. So, there is no doubt that the PAS government should be criticized. The problem is how we should do it. We want our criticism to contribute to the correction of mistakes so that the PAS government fortifies itself or gives up.

To respond to the formulated question, we must yet take into account the fact that PAS is for now the only party with massive popular support that identifies itself as pro-European. No other pro-European or unionist party has now potential to compete with PAS on the pro-European segment. Moreover, the recent parliamentary elections confirmed that no pro-European or unionist party has the potential to pass the election threshold of 5%. In such circumstances, substantiated criticism of the policies pursued by the PAS government is indeed needed, less the   mosquito bites of the unionist parties. In fact, the mosquito bites have their own charm, being amusing.

Among the examples of critical attitude towards the PAS’ activity is the recent protest mounted by the National Unity Party (PUN). Moreover, the PUN leader repudiated the yellow bullshit (yellow is one of the symbols of PAS) that the Republic of Moldova in four years will file an application for EU membership. Surely, we can agree that this is yellow bullshit. The question is why the PUN leader serves us a maroon (PUN color) fib in order to rebut a yellow fib? He said that “the application to join the EU must be coordinated and harmonized with the application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The EU can be joined only through NATO and there is no exception.

Those who are concerned with politics know that Finland, Sweden, Malta and Cyprus joined the EU without coordinating and harmonizing the given application with the one to join NATO. Furthermore, the four states joined the EU after the PUN leader came of age and dreamt of becoming a unionist intellectual. It is somehow embarrassing for a politician who insists, with occasion or without, that he is an intellectual to make untrue statements. He either lies on purpose or he indeed does not know about the exceptions that he denies. Anyway, in both of the cases he is disqualified as an intellectual. The point is the citizens in such embarrassing situations can reach the conclusion that the one who said that the intellectuals are not the brain of the nation was right.

From the aforementioned, we can deduce that we live in a country in which the politicians serve us fibs or rather bullshit of different colors, this being in fact the only difference between them. We will be able to speak about yellow bullshit in four years, while about the maroon bullshit we can speak now already. This way, the PUN leader assures us that: PUN grows through remarkable personalities... , being an intellectual party that attracted attention and will definitely be competent... , we will unquestionably enter Parliament as we, the members of the party and those who joined the unionist platform, strongly  believe this.”  The elections of July 11 showed that the given maroon fib was worth only 0.45%.   

About professional unionists and their fibs

Why was it necessary to refer to PUN’s mosquito bites aimed at PAS? The necessity was somehow imposed by the tenth anniversary of the publication of the article of late master Constantin Tănase – I’m categorically against R. Moldova’s union with Romania. In fact, the master was and continues to be a convinced unionist who pleaded for a union forged by competent persons. He simply didn’t dare to shout: “Union here and now!”, criticizing the shrewd ones who build a career on unionism. And he was perfectly right!

But where can we find a programmatic, formalized goal about the Union here and now? Correct, at PUN. To see this, we can only look at the party’s political program (page 3), which was approved in five years of the publication of the mentioned article of late master Tănase. But what did PUN actually do to achieve the UNION HERE AND NOW? Nothing! This way, we discover one more maroon fib.  

The drama of the unionist movement emphasized by Constantin Tănase continues even after ten years of the publication of the aforementioned article. Currently, when over 1/3 of the Moldovans would vote for the union with Romania, the five-six parties that consider themselves unionist, separately or in coalitions gained an insignificant number of votes. Why? Because the pro-union electors cannot vote parties and leaders who:

It’s a pity that the authentic and decent unionists from such parties as the European Action Movement (MAE), the National Liberal Party (PNL) and others resigned themselves to the fate after promoting the unionist ideal when the police banned doing this. These do not use the social media, leaving this space to the fib creators.


To overcome the permanent crisis, the Republic of Moldova needs authentic, responsible parties and charismatic leaders, not bullshit of different political colors

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