With maib, you invest smartly: Second maib corporate bonds issue launches on May 29

Following the successful registration in the Register of Securities Issuers and the approval by the National Commission for Financial Markets of the first corporate bonds issue results, held from April 25 to May 15, maib announces the launch of the second corporate bonds issue.

From May 29, for 21 calendar days, the second issue of maib corporate bonds will be carried out. It will be available for subscription at any maib branch or the Corporate Investments Department (104/1 Columna str.)

Corporate bonds are an excellent opportunity to manage your savings and achieve significant medium and long-term benefits for yourself or your business.

What are the characteristics of maib corporate bonds?

  • 4 issues for 12 months with a total offer value of 400 million MDL
  • 21 calendar days for subscribing an issue
  • 20 thousand MDL is the minimum investment
  • 100 million MDL is the maximum investment in an issue

Choose to invest smartly in maib corporate bonds and get:

  • Attractive profitability: Maib corporate bonds offer higher profitability than traditional deposits or other savings products. They are an efficient way to grow your savings over the medium to long term. See from the video what the coupon is and how the interest rate is calculated.
  • Safe and reliable: Maib is a trusted financial institution with a solid reputation in the banking market. Corporate bonds are backed by the bank’s guarantees, which offer investors a high degree of security.
  • Transparency: We offer 100% transparency about the terms and conditions of your investment, so you can make informed decisions and feel secure about your savings.
  • Accessibility: In case you need quick access to your funds, there are options for liquidity by trading corporate bonds on the secondary market on the Stock Exchange or withdrawing your initial investment following the terms of the contract.

How to subscribe to corporate bonds

  • Review the Public Offer Prospectus and related information published on www.maib.md 
  • Submit a subscription application and conclude the contract at any maib branch or the Intermediary’s office (Chișinău, 104/1 Columna str.).
  • Funds are transferred from the client’s (investor’s) account to the special account of the subscribed bonds.
  • Congratulations, you are included in the register of bondholders. You have thus become an investor and holder of maib corporate bonds.
  • Please note that according to the Tax Code, coupons obtained from holding bonds are sources of taxable income.

For more details about the new investment tool, please visit the maib.md website and the Public Offer Prospectus.

Invest smartly.

With maib it's simple and easy!

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