We will become integrated into EU sometime, but people will don’t know what this means, debate

The Republic Moldova at some time will fulfill all the conditions for becoming integrated into the EU, but there is a risk that the people will not be sufficiently informed and will not realize what this means, Eduard Mihalas, chairman of the National Youth Council, said in the debate ”Culture of political crisis: views and roles of civil society organizations in the process of overcoming and communication with society”, staged by IPN News Agency.

”The Head of the EU Delegation recently met with representatives of Moldovan NGOs. He said that the Moldovans’ European dream is intangible now. We must see if the Moldovans understand what integration into the EU means. I think that sometime we will meet the conditions needed to become integrated, but the people will not know what this means and what the benefits are,” stated Eduard Mihalas.

The participants in the debate said now that the Government was dismissed, the communication with the people about the integration into the EU can be ensured by nongovernmental organizations.

Eduard Mihalas believes that the early legislative elections should now be avoided as they will delay the European integration process. “We must cultivate the civic spirit of the people as the political culture will change when we have active citizens. The organization I represent is designing a project to inform the people about the EU,” said the chairman of the National Youth Council. The organization also launched a project to select young people who want to be involved in internship in the Parliament’s standing commissions.

”I think the parties in Moldova do not know what governance is. The pressure exerted by the people is weak or there is no such pressure at all. The party members are not involved in decision making. The youth organizations are mainly engaged in election campaigns. The involvement of young people in the work of the parliamentary commissions will be an exercise for them to see how a state institution functions. Many persons complete the studies without work experience. This internship will enable young people to see how discussions within the commissions are held and how decisions are taken,” said Eduard Mihalas.

The debate ”Culture of political crisis: views and roles of civil society organizations in the process of overcoming and communication with society” is the 15th of the series “Development of political culture by public debates” that is supported by the German foundation Hanns Seidel.

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