We need a National Unity Government in 2023, opinion

The year 2023 comes with new challenges to Moldova’s energy security as Russia will not stop shelling Ukraine’s infrastructure, consider Moldovan commentators. According to them, in 2023 Moldova will be the target of destabilization staged by Moscow through the agency of the separatist Transnistrian region and pro-Russian parties from the right side of the Nistru. Former Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alexandru Slusari said that in the context of the security crisis experienced by the whole region, a much more skillful Government needs to be installed in the region so that it is the emanation of all the pro-European forces in Moldova, IPN reports.

Ex-Deputy Speaker Alexandru Slusari considers the current Government is weak and cannot cope with the overlapping crises experienced by Moldova. According to him, the current executive should be replaced with a National Unity Government in 2023.

“The current Government is unable to cope with the challenges expected in 2023 and we need another government formula that will enable us to be more resistant. We need a much more solid government that will prevent the criminal groupings from coming to power as this is the last fight also for these criminal groupings that are directed from one command center that is located in the aggressor state. We have a destabilizing factor in Transnistria. We have the fifth column on the right side of the Nistru. If a message comes from the aggressor state, we can expect destabilization. That’s why it is very important to have internal unification capacity at least inside the pro-European forces. A pact between the really pro-European forces and a National Unity Government is needed,” Alexandru Slusari stated in the program “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

Energy expert Sergiu Tofilat also anticipates that the war in Ukraine will continue in 2023 and this will accentuate the energy crisis experienced by Moldova.

“As long as Putin and his acolytes are in power in Russia, we cannot expect a change in the situation. Any agreement with Putin loses value immediately after it is signed as Putin doesn’t keep his word. However, the supplies of armament are not unlimited. There are different scenarios as to how the situation in Ukraine can develop, but the developments can be comparable with the situation in Israel and Palestine. Russia will continue shelling Ukraine’s infrastructure as a terrorist organization,” stated Sergiu Tofilat.

In the same connection, political commentator Anatol Țăranu said the SIS head’s assertion that Moldova can be engaged in the war through the agency of the Transnistrian region is hasty. Russia can destabilize the situation in Chisinau, but the classical military scenario is less probable.

“If we speak directly about a junction of the Russian army fighting in Ukraine and the Transnistrian region, such a scenario at the current stage of the war is highly improbable. Nothing points now to the Russian army’s capacity to break through the seaside of the Black Sea and come in contact with Transnistria. From this viewpoint, there is no danger. The statement made by the SIS chief rather reveals the syndrome of NGO member. But he is a young man who still learns the profession. We hope he will learn it at a high speed. On the other hand, there is the fifth column in the Republic of Moldova and this is supported by Moscow. If the regime of Putin faces a no-way-out situation, it can resort to illogical actions. An order to destabilize the Republic of Moldova can be made so that one more neuralgic point exists and could create opportunities for a diplomatic deal for Moscow,” stated Anatol Țăranu.

Earlier, the head of the Security and Intelligence Service Alexandru Musteață said the Russian Federation can stage an offensive towards the Republic of Moldova over the first months of 2023 as Moscow aims to build a land corridor to the Transnistrian region. Later, a number of national and international experts contradicted the SIS chief, saying there are now no signs that such a scenario can be implemented.

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