War in neighborhood: IPN updates

The slogan “Don’t lie to the people trough TV” is learned this way

In March and April, the number of Russians who consider television is the safest source of information declined, while confidence in the Telegram channels and social networking sites grew, according to the Russian press.

If in mid-March a third of Russians (33% of respondents) said that they trust television more than other sources of information, then by the end of April the level of trust in this source has decreased. Only 23% of respondents trust television, shows a survey.

Trust in official Internet resources is also decreasing. Only 26% of Russians polled considered them reliable in March, and 23% in April.

Occupation of territory as ordinary robbery...

Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Government Georgy Muradov said that territories of southern Ukraine taken over by Moscow soldiers will become Russian provinces. There has been propaganda spreading that this was the result of the people's will instead of Russia's invading the country. “This, as we assess from our communication with the inhabitants of the region, is the will of the people themselves, most of whom lived for eight years under conditions of repression and bullying by the Ukronazis,” Permanent Representative of Crimea to the Russian President Muradov said.

“Military-civilian administrations are being formed in these territories, Russian TV channels have come here, Russian textbooks have appeared in schools, the Russian ruble is successfully entering the economic life of the region,” Muradov noted.

Kyiv says Kherson is Ukrainian land

As regards the liberation of Kherson, adviser to Minister of Internal Affairs Viktor Andrusiv said the question is the price of this offensive.

“The better we prepare it, the fewer casualties we will suffer. This work is there and not only in the direction of Kherson. I think in the near future the Russians will be shocked by the location of the attack that our Armed Forces will launch. The situation will change from the way we will be reinforced by the Western armament,” noted the advisor.

According to Andrusiv, the Russians have definitely already given up on any seizures of Ukraine. In addition, in the near future they will still give up land corridors in Transnistria and will actually focus on the frontiers that they captured by the end of May.

Brussels does not believe Moscow, while Moscow disregards Brussels

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell noted the EU is unlikely to become a mediator in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “The Russians would not accept that, just as we Europeans would not accept Russia as a mediator. China cannot be a mediator either, as they leaned towards Russia,” he said.

Borrell underlined the importance of Turkey’s role and its efforts to facilitate peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow. “Turkey is doing a very good job here. It has good relations with both sides. But of course, the best (mediator) would be the United Nations,” he said.

In Digital Age, tales about great deeds with few means do not work

The U.S. House of Representatives approved more than $40 billion more aid for Ukraine on Tuesday. The House passed the Ukraine spending bill by 368 to 57, with every ‘no’ vote coming from Republicans. The measure now heads to the Senate, which is expected to act quickly.

President Joe Biden had asked Congress to approve an additional $33 billion in aid for Ukraine two weeks ago, but lawmakers decided to increase the military and humanitarian funding.

The United States has now committed approximately $4.5 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration, including approximately $3.8 billion since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked invasion on February 24, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said.

Petards caused a fuss and nothing more

Spokesperson of Odesa Oblast Military Administration Serhiy Bratchuk said during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine there would be no second front on the border with unrecognized Transnistria in the near future, as the provocations that the Russians had staged there had not yielded the expected results.

“I can name at least 4 provocations aimed at inciting the so-called “Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic”, but it did not work. The locals do not want to become cannon fodder. On the first day, after the shelling of the so-called “Ministry of State Security”, after the first provocation in Transnistria, many locals began to get in cars and go to Moldova, as well as towards Ukraine, to Odessa,” Serhiy Bratchuk said.

According to him, the Odessa authorities have strengthened border protection near unrecognized Transnistria.

Successor of Stierlitz is also a specialist on Goebbels’ line
A Russian spy chief on Wednesday compared the U.S. State Department to the World War Two Nazi propaganda machine constructed by Joseph Goebbels, saying Washington had launched an anti-Russia messaging campaign across social media.

Sergei Naryshkin, head of Russia’s foreign intelligence agency (SVR), said the United States was encouraging the spreading of fake information on the popular Telegram messaging service in an attempt to “discredit” and “dehumanise Russia’s political and military leadership in the eyes of the Russian people”.

“Their actions have a lot in common with the traditions of the Third Reich's ministry of public education and propaganda and its head Joseph Goebbels,” Naryshkin said.

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