Volodymyr Zelensky: Only strong coalition can defeat Russian terror

Only solid air defense and a strong coalition can defeat the Russian terror, stated Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky during opening remarks at the second EPC Summit taking place in Moldova.

“Every time we prepare to make decisions for the wellbeing of our nations, we must remember that Russia will take advantage of any doubt we show here. We cannot be in doubt about our unity or how we respond to the challenges of our times, which bring more and more problems with them. Here in Moldova, fortunately, we don’t hear air raids, sirens or Russian artillery, but not long ago the Russians were confident that, after attacking Ukraine, they could attack Moldova as well. Actually, maybe even now they think like that, but now we have more security, maybe. European security has set the limits of our determination, and we are trying to repel the evils brought about by aggression”, said Volodymir Zelensky.

The Ukrainian president went on to declare that “a full collaboration against Russian terror” is the only possible solution for Europe. “We will have to put an end to Russian ballistic missiles and with our weapons we will show that terror against our citizens does not stand a chance. Every step in our defense is an important step, and the speed with which coalitions are created accelerates the arrival of peace. In fact, in our unity we see who the aggressor is, we see where the aggression is happening. Russia is afraid of NATO and tries to gobble up only those who are outside the space defended by NATO”, said the Ukrainian president.

Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke about frozen conflicts, which he says should be resolved, including the Transnistrian one. “Why are there still Russian troops in Transnistria? The Kremlin should unfreeze this situation in Moldova. This situation has been tolerated for over 30 years and we need to find an answer. We should not leave room for frozen wars, nor for ordinary ones”, Zelensky added.

“All European countries that have borders with Russia and do not want to be torn apart by Russia must align themselves with the EU and NATO. We see what is happening in Belarus, what is happening in Georgia, we see how these nations are dragged in various ways into a state of lawlessness”, he noted.

Volodymyr Zelensky also says he would like more predictability for his country’s European future. “Even the Ukrainians who promote European values at the price of their own blood have not yet received a positive response regarding EU and NATO membership. Our hopes are getting further and further away, I am sorry to have to express this disappointment here. It is the time of decisions and I would like to emphasize this. At the NATO Summit, it will be necessary to admit Ukraine as a member of NATO, we need a positive decision, we need a peace summit that will help us implement common plans. We need to put doubts aside, we need positive decisions for Ukraine, because these are important decisions for everyone. The same for Moldova, and in the long term for Georgia and Belarus as well, I have no doubt. We need peace”, Volodymir Zelensky added.

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