Vladimir Odnostalko: Sunday’s protest was for justice and equity

Last Sunday’s protest was equitable and was indeed a popular one. “At the moment, either we want it or not, Stoianoglo is the only one in the history of the Republic of Moldova, who showed equidistance. Until now the prosecutor general always represented someone. He focused exclusively on work. He worked to build a healthy Prosecutor’s Office from inside, fighting corruption there to the maximum extent possible as we realize that it was an octopus there. He showed decency, honesty, patriotism. That’s why the protests are for justice as Stoianoglo today embodies this justice in society. This man united around him people of different nationalities and ages, different politicians,” Vladimir Odnostalko, MP of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists, stated in IPN’s public debate “Last Sunday’s protest: motives, goals, social basis, eventual developments, benefits and risks”.

According to Vladimir Odnostalko, Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo revealed the wrongdoings committed in the prosecution service, different clans in the system, corruption moves by which entities were dispossessed of businesses. He ended such practices. He also dropped multiple cases against opposition politicians - Maia Sandu, PAS, PPPDA, Renato Usatâi's Our Party, mayors, district heads – that were all started during the regime of Plahotniuc.

The MP noted that the silence of the development partners, foreign resident ambassadors, favors the people’s attitude to Alexandr Stoianoglo. The procedure by which the prosecutor general was arrested is condemnable. “Televised justice was needed, with persons in balaclavas, and this staged. Stoianoglo will undoubtedly win this case at the ECHR,” stated Vladimir Odnostalko, noting the actions to arrest the prosecutor general represented the “regime’s wish”.

The MP noted that Alexandr Stoianoglo was to give a press briefing to disclose some facts about the Sandu – PAS regime, but was arrested shortly before this. “He was detained after he made public, with Europol evidence, the correspondence of European diplomatic representatives with odious prosecutors who now serve the current regime – Morari and others”.

According to Vladimir Odnostalko, the social basis for the protest is formed very swiftly. The fact that the government increased the pensions of 400,000 citizens is the merit of the former government that secured larger budget revenues. “You promised to efficiently manage the pandemic, but you don’t do it even if you criticized the Socialists when they were in power […] The wild rise in food prices and the tariffs of utilities with the simultaneous decline in the population’s incomes creates a situation favorable for protests and the name of the party that will urge the people to take part in the protests does not matter as the social fire started to burn.”

The public debate “Last Sunday’s protest: motives, goals, social basis, eventual developments, benefits and risks” that was organized by IPN in the framework of the project “Developing Political Culture trough Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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