Vladimir Cebotari: We see lack of a clear program focused on addressing citizens' problems

"We see chaos; we see the lack of a clear program focused on addressing citizens' problems. We see nepotism, as Moldova has never seen before - dismissals of professionals and hiring of spouses, relatives, brothers, sisters and so on,” Vladimir Cebotari, deputy of the Democratic Party group, said describing the activity of the current governance. The MP also says that people saw what it means for the government to depoliticize the Constitutional Court. According to him, the same pattern was applied to the process of changes which occurred in the Government and in other institutions. These statements have been made during a public debate  on the topic “Summing up the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad”, organized by IPN and Radio Moldova.

In the MP’s opinion, "this government has dealt with the impoverishment of the people, through taxes, by destroying good projects, by excluding personal exemptions and many other actions."  "Increased rates and prices. We'll see what inflation we are going to have, dear colleagues. We'll see what we can afford at the end of this time period or at least in winter. I saw revenge, I saw a lot of hatred, I saw immense hatred, "Vladimir Cebotari said. According to him, "no major crime was solved, murders continue to happen, a known man committed suicide." The MP says that for these reasons he does not believe that this is the air of freedom.

Vladimir Cebotari mentioned that the current government really focused on justice, but something different came out, because it subordinated and took control over the Prosecutor's Office. The MP also said that "although it was stated that all appointments to positions will be made only based on professionalism, professionals were not accepted, but those who stood together with politicians at the protests were appointed ". “We witnessed how heads of the main state institutions shamelessly attended various meetings of the completely autonomous authorities. Such as the Superior Council of Magistracy or the Superior Council of Prosecutors. They exerted pressure on them to take the decisions they wanted”, Vladimir Cebotari noted, mentioning that such things had never happened in Moldova before.

He also referred to the economic area, specifying that for 90 days, no draft law from the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure reached the Parliament. However, "we saw the freezing of infrastructure projects, taxation, fiscal policy approaches, etc.". At the same time, "the government has proven what the people really mean to it by stopping “A doctor for you" campaign, thus limiting free access to medical services." "We have seen how you encourage tourism development and attract investments, annulling the only real facility for the foreign investors," Vladimir Cebotari said.

According to him, people are deceived that they will not receive pensions because the meal tickets are not subject to taxation or they no longer promote the cancellation of state guarantees. He says that next week the PDM will register a legislative initiative on the state guarantees cancellation and he would like to see how the majority of MPs are going to vote.

The representatives of the Socialist Party and DA Platform, ACUM, groups participated in the debate. Representatives of Action and Solidarity Party and Shor Party groups were also invited.

The public debate titled "Summing up the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad", is the 115th installment of the "Developing Political Culture through Public Debates" Series, held with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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