Vlad Batrîncea: We adopted a statement by which we call on mates from districts not to form alliances with PAS

The Party of Socialists (PSRM) signed a statement by which it disapproves of any coalition at the local level with the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS). Deputy Speaker of Parliament Vlad Batrîncea, who is a member of the National Council of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, said that the Socialists will not form alliances with the PAS in districts as the ruling party lost citizens’ confidence at the local level. He noted that the situation is fully different in Chisinau and cooperation between the PSRM and the MAN will exist in the Chisinau Municipal Council, IPN reports.

According to the Central Election Commission, as a result of the general local elections, the Party of Socialists won 144 offices of mayor and 256 seats of district and municipal councilors. Socialist heavyweight Vlad Batrîncea said that the PSRM categorically rejects any alliance with the PAS at the local level.

“The PSRM has chances to manage at least 12-13 districts. We are now having discussions. The discussions are conducted by our mates from districts who were mandated to do this as they obtained this score. But we adopted a statement by which we call on them not to form alliances with the PAS as we consider that things in the Republic of Moldova do not go well. A lot of mistakes were committed. The situation in the Republic of Moldova has worsened. We realize that the Republic of Moldova, as a country, needs urgent political resetting. The local elections showed that the current government got a vote of no confidence. The ruling party lost over half of the voters and this means that they no longer enjoy political legitimacy. People capable of ensuring the functionality of localities must come to the local public administration,” Vlad Batrîncea stated in the program “Résumé” on RliveTV channel.

He noted that the PSRM in the Chisinau Municipal Council will cooperate with Ion Ceban’s party so as to ensure political stability in the municipality.

“The Socialists today have the golden vote in the Chisinau Municipal Council. Doing the next four years, the PSRM will be the decisive force that will shape the development programs, the municipal budget. We will do our best for the municipality of Chisinau during the next few years to take one more step forward, with the political stability ensured by the Socialists. At the moment, we do not need a coalition. We overcame such things. Initial discussions were held between the PSRM and the mayor general, but we are not interested in formal aspects. We are interested in the quality of public administration,” said the Deputy Speaker.

In the general local elections, the National Alternative Movement (MAN) obtained 20 seats on the Chisinau Municipal Council. The Party of Action and Solidarity got as many seats of councilor, while the Party of Socialists – six seats. The decisions on the CMC are taken by the votes of at least 26 councilors.

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