Virgiliu Pîslariuc: The Kremlin no longer hides intentions to restore Empire

Russia has conducted a harsh hybrid war in Moldova with the aim of distancing the country from the European Union, said MP of the ruling party PAS Virgiliu Pîslariuc. According to him, Moscow no longer hides the intentions to restore the Empire, while the war in Ukraine is a confirmation of this fact. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova are in front of a civilizational choice and they must decide in favor of civilized Europe or of the Russian Empire, IPN reports.

The MP said that Russia’s war in Ukrainian is a conventional war dominated by violence and terror. In the Republic of a Moldova, Russia applies hybrid warfare aimed at hindering the country from coming closer to the EU.

“The Kremlin does not even hide its intentions to restore the Empire and the war in Ukraine is a follow-up to this policy that covers us too. The war in Ukraine is conducted directly, while in our country the war is non-conventional, hybrid. We now have the possibility of choosing. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova will have to choose on what side of this imaginary line between the Russian Empire and civilized Europe we will be. It is a civilizational choice. Now the Russian propaganda is preoccupied with the distancing of Moldova from the European integration,” Virgiliu Pîslariuc stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei station.

According to the MP, Russia’s hybrid war against Moldova started after the country declared its Independence and has been encouraged by the Russian propaganda disseminated through Russian media and politicians obedient to the Kremlin.

“Propaganda represents 90% of the hybrid warfare. The fight is for the minds of the people. They invest here to change the perceptions and opinions. This hybrid war started in 1991, when the Republic of Moldova declared its Independence. Symbolically, the day the Republic of Moldova was welcomed into the UN, the hot phase or the Nistru war was launched. Even if it was recognized by Russia as an independent state, the Republic of Moldova remained primarily a media colony to which economic instruments and energy blackmail were added. Also, the elites in the Republic of Moldova were corrupted to play a role that suited the former Empire. Russia never renounced Ukraine or the Republic of Moldova given its intentions to restore the Empire,” said the MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity.

According to him, after Russia invaded Ukraine, the Transnistrian settlement talks in the 5+2 format were annulled and all the international agreements with Russia were compromised.

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