Viorel Badea: We weren’t born yesterday or the day before yesterday in Bessarabia; we have always been here

The National Liberal Party’s candidate for a seat on the Senate in the parliamentary elections of Romania Viorel Badea said the party of which he forms part has been present on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a long period of time. The Romanian official made reference to researches at the Chisinau archive showing that over 40% of those who were deported by the Soviet regime were members of the PNL, IPN reports.

“I represent the National Liberal Party. The National Liberal Party was in power in Bessarabia in the 1940s. For example, the mayor of Bălți city was a Liberal and was Ukrainian. This shows that the National Liberal Party had a very correct approach. We weren’t born yesterday or the day before yesterday in Bessarabia; we have always been here,” Viorel Badea stated in a program on TVR Moldova channel.

In this connection, the Romanian politician said the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova need “bread and justice” and Romania offered assistance in building a fair justice system in Moldova.

“Romania is already a model by fair justice. If you ask each of the Bessarabians if they heard about Codruța Kovesi, they will definitely say they heard and everyone surely wants a Codruța Kovesi. There are many experience exchanges between the justice institutions of the two countries. There are many prosecutors in the Republic of Moldova who studied in Romania and who are used to the method of ensuring fair justice,” stated Viorel Badea.

According to the members of PNL Romania, the funds that can come from the European partners and the integration into the European Union depend on Moldova’s justice sector.

“The authorities of the Republic of Moldova must understand that the money that comes from the European Union will not come without conditionality elements. It will come only if the Republic of Moldova ensures the rule of law and if the judiciary’s decisions are obeyed,” said the Romanian politician.

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