Victory will belong to Ukraine as it proved that it is a state with dignity, opinions

The illegal annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia is a flagrant violation of international law and reveals the real face of the regime of Vladimir Putin, said representatives of the government. These reaffirmed that the Republic of Moldova vehemently condemns the annexation of the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. For its part, the parliamentary opposition describes Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine as a tragedy between two brother nations. Moldova should come only with conciliatory messages and should insist on negotiations between the two sides, IPN reports

PAS MP Oazu Nantoi said the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions is a signal of despair given by the Kremlin regime and the move was predictable following the failure suffered by the Russian army in Kharkov region.

“The regime of Putin is a revanchist one, with fascist ideology, which denies the right to existence of the Ukrainian state and people. The illegal annexation takes place after Putin’s failure to occupy the whole Ukraine. In despair, Putin resorted to the escalation of the conflict and to nuclear blackmail. Ukraine liberated over 7,500 km². The situation is difficult for the Russian army and Putin resorted to such a scenario, to the sham referendums in order to create a reason for blackmail,” Oazu Nantoi stated in the talk show “Good Evening” on the public TV channel.

Ex-MP Iurie Reniță said Russia’s policy to annex foreign territories is barbarous. He expressed his conviction that the victory will belong to Ukraine as Russia turned into an aggressor state that was isolated by the whole international community.

“Russia acts in its traditional style, either it goes to tsarist Russia, Bolshevik Russia or Soviet Russia. When it goes to the occupation of foreign territories, there is no difference between these. Russia compromised and flouted international relations and law and acts as it wants. Ukraine will recover its territories. It showed that it is a state with dignity,” stated Moldova’s former ambassador to Romania Iurie Reniță.

In the same connection, the MPs of the parliamentary opposition said the acid statements made in Chisinau do not contribute to the establishment of peace. The Republic of Moldova should call on the sides to have a dialogue and reach consensus, said Socialist MP Grigore Novac.

“We are witness to a drama between Christian, brother nations. There are destructive forces that stir things up so as to fuel this conflict. There is no other solution than discussions. A consensus can be achieved only by dialogue. The message that needs to come from us should be pacifying,” said MP of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists Grigore Novac.

“When we say that they need to sit at the negotiating table, we actually say that they are both to blame. No, only one of them invaded the country of the other one. Any international law is violated. World order is collapsing,” said political commentator Nicolae Negru.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed decrees to annex four Ukrainian regions - Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk - saying that they are now part of Russia  and that the people in the four territories will become Russian citizens forever In reply, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Kyiv signed an application for accelerated accession to NATO.

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