Vadim Ceban: Having seasonal gas rates is our compromise solution

Only the raising of the rate can enable to collect revenues for covering the purchase price of gas, said the director of the Administration Board of Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban. According to him, the purchase price of gas in July is by US$100 higher than in June and is of US$980 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas. The current rate is calculated based on a purchase price of US$696. The approval of seasonal gas rates, for the warm and cold periods, is a method for coping with the high purchase price, IPN reports.

The president of Moldovagaz said the current rate does not cover the purchase price of gas that continues to rise. Even if Moldovagaz gave up investing in infrastructure, the risk that huge debts will be accumulated if the rate is not adjusted persists.

“No one offers loans to us. No one puts off our payments. Gaining revenues based on the rate is the only solution for making the payments to the supplier. The increase in the purchase price of gas is the main argument. The real purchase price should be covered. But we do not want to permit the other extreme, when consumers will not be able to pay. We will ask the Commission for Exceptional Situations to put off the payment of taxes, such as the import VAT. But this is not right. We need to pay taxes to the state as this money is intended for social payments. We considerably reduced the costs in networks, infrastructure,” Vadim Ceban stated in the talk show “Freedom with Dorin Galben” on TV8 channel.

The official suggested introducing two seasonal rates – a higher one for the warm period, when consumption is lower and a lower one for the cold period, when consumption increases substantially. Also, in order to avoid the risk of halts in the supply of natural gas for household users, the state should have gas reserves.

“Having seasonal gas rates, for the warm and cold periods, is our compromise solution. We should also store gas. The state can store gas in Romania, up to 100 million m3, I think. Such a volume is enough for two months – September and October. A €300 million loan from the EBRD was raised. €200 million will go to purchase gas, while €100 million will go to store gas. This is appropriate for ensuring the energy security of the state,” said Vadim Ceban.

Moldovagaz requested the National Agency for Energy Regulation to increase the natural gas rate by 45%, to 23.5 lei per cubic meter of gas without VAT. The new rates are to take effect retroactively, on July 1.

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