Vaccination and chipping of Moldovans. Pamphlet by Victor Pelin

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, became a volunteer for testing the newly Russian anti-COVID-19 vaccine Sputin-V. After vaccination, at the request of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, Igor Dodon passes a rehabilitation course in a health resort near Moscow, where the positive and negative effects of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine are being investigated. Positive effects are considered to be those that strengthen the personal attachment to Vladimir Putin and his policies aimed at building the so-called Russkii Mir (Russian World) which includes former soviet republics. The negative effects obviously are the manifestations of disloyalty towards Putin, similar to those of non-President Lukashenko, who revealed the subversive activity of the 33 “green men” from the famous Wagner group.

After the rehabilitation period, President Dodon will return to Moldova with a set of 3.2 million vaccines, a number equivalent to the number of voters registered by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). Until November 1, 2020, the compulsory vaccination of Moldovan voters will take place, a procedure that will take place simultaneously with the installation on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova of 2600, at least, 5G antennas of Chinese production, one near each polling station. It is also expected that by the end of the installation of 5G antennas, colloidal substances, injected to Moldovan voters simultaneously with Sputin-V vaccines, will self-assemble in chips with working memory and storage, receivers and transmitters of encrypted information, programmed to be used c via 5G antennas.

The ethical part of the mentioned delicate issue was discussed by President Dodon with Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill. Thus, the fear that the chipping of Moldovans by vaccination is a satanic measure and will deprive them of the faculty of discernment has been removed. It is true that chipped Moldovans will no longer have the freedom to choose to serve God or the Prince of this sinful world, instead they will be put at the service of the idea of ​​Russian World, promoted by the Isborsk Club and its followers in the Republic of Moldova. In these circumstances, the Patriarch blessed Igor Dodon to become the first vaccinated and chipped Moldovan, able to convince his compatriots to follow his example. President Dodon also asked the opinion of the famous filmmaker Nikita Mihalkov, who in his Besogon show debunked Bill Gates' satanic plan to enslave humanity through 5G antennas that influence people's will through chips inserted with COVID-19 vaccines. Mihalkov convinced Dodon that vaccination and chipping is dangerous if done by Westerners, but it is useful and harmless if the vaccine is of Russian origin, as Sputin-V is, and the 5G antennas, in their turn, are of Chinese origin.

President Igor Dodon expressed his gratitude to Patriarch Kirill and Mikhalkov, urging president Putin to make the 3.2 million set of vaccines available to him as soon as possible. The Moldovan head of state is confident that after vaccinating Moldovans he will no longer need to use the services of the 30,000 Syrians refugees to obtain a second presidential mandate, the victory being guaranteed by Moldovans vaccinated with Sputin-V and remotely guided Chinese 5G antennas.

Thus, it is expected that the electoral result of Igor Dodon, from November 1, 2020, will exceed the recent one, from August 9, of Lukashenko - 81%. The voting rate for Dodon will also be the rate of effectiveness of the Russian Sputin-V vaccine, which, after successful testing on Moldovans, will be used worldwide. This is the only way for the Republic of Moldova, after about 30 years of state independence, to become the first nation to follow its president in a sacrifice in the interest of humanity.

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