The maib agile WoW transformation continues. The fifth wave of orchestras in the operational area has been launched

More than 200 other maib employees embraced the agile transformation as part of launching the fifth wave of orchestras. It is the first event held in the new headquarters - maib park - and relevant from the agile transformation perspective launched at the end of 2021 within maib.

This time, 4 orchestras have embraced the agile transformation. They are made up of bands with professionals from different areas who will contribute their expertise to make everyday business run faster, simpler and easier. Before the event, members of the new bands were trained in transformational style to fully apply agile processes and techniques aligned to maib's values and purpose.

Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO:

"Ten years ago, customer expectations did not require a quick, prompt reaction from banks. But things have changed dynamically, and this has required us to change by adopting an agile philosophy. We must avoid hierarchical decision-making and focus on the customer. Maib started the agile transformation 2 years ago. Meanwhile, the entire bank became more digital, flexible, modern and transformational. Also, since then, every day, we work to make people happier and businesses - more prosperous."


Svetlana Bodaci, HR Director:

“Welcome to the biggest team to join the agile transformation process! In previously released editions, we learned together that agile means many emotions. It is a natural feeling, as any change also means thinking of doing things you may not know about yet and stepping out of your comfort zone. Please embrace these unique opportunities for personal growth and development. Success is everyone's choice, as agile means cooperation, transparency, friendship-based relationships, new achievements and valuable lessons, all channelled and centred on the external and internal customer. I urge you to make the most of this wow experience, which will open up new perspectives of self-development and personal and professional fulfilment."

Marcel Teleucă, maib Deputy Chairman of the Management Board:

"I'm very excited because the Operations team is the team I'm a part of, and this event is the first in maib park. You are a significant part of maib's work, which greatly depends on how Operations works and our joint success. Thank you for your dedication and for being ready to take this step into the new way of working. Why did we choose agile? We primarily want our customers to be at the center of our focus and receive maximum satisfaction from interacting with maib services. And this is only possible by adopting a new culture and a different, agile way of working, including by the big Operations team."

Why has maib adopted the agile working philosophy?

  • The world is changing at a dizzying pace, and we need to change too, to be agile and flexible so that we can always be customer-focused, responding to their expectations and needs.
  • Technological progress, Fintech motivates us to accelerate, develop and innovate.
  • We want to attract and retain the best employees, and to do this, we need to offer them an innovative working model and great work experiences, and agile WoW is one of them.

Maib goes agile!

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