The Kremlin’s tactic is to create subversive zones to compromise a country, opinion

The Kremlin’s tactic is to create subversive zones in order to compromise a country and hinder its development, said former MP Iurie Reniță. According to him, the central authorities in Chisinau make too many concessions in favor of Gagauzia. In the same connection, political commentator Ion Tăbîrță said that Chisinau failed to integrate the Gagauz minority into Moldovan society over the last 30 years, IPN reports.

Iurie Reniță noted that in 1994, when the law on ATU Gagauzia was adopted, this autonomous unit was given far too large prerogatives that run counter to the national interests. The law should be revised and adjusted to the reality.

“This has always been the Kremlin’s tactic - to create subversive zones to compromise a country. We have the case of Georgia. In the Republic of Moldova, it is exactly the same scenario with regard to Transnistria and Gagauzia. Why should we, the taxpayers, maintain the Election Commission in Comrat? We have the example of the last elections in Gagauzia when the CEC in Chisinau was a mere spectator. It is embarrassing how the central authorities give in so casually and do not intervene. It is necessary to revise the law on ATU Gagauzia imposed in 1994 because it goes against the national interests,” the ex-MP stated the talk show “The Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV.

For his part, political commentator Ion Tăbârță criticized the separatist rhetoric of the leaders of ATU Gagauzia. According to him, the current Bashkan of Gagauzia Yevgenia Guțul represents not the interests of the citizens of the region, but of the Kremlin.

“We have a distorted situation that was created between Chisinau and Comrat after 1994. Unfortunately, the central government in Chisinau did not know how to integrate the Gagauz minority into Moldovan society. The authorities must act cautiously but firmly, but not as last year, when men in balaclavas entered the electoral entity in Comrat. This could have been done differently. Yevgenia Guțul is not a politician. She carries out particular tasks of groups from the Russian Federation and representatives of fugitive oligarchic groups. She does not represent the Gagauz ethnicity. She represents these groups of oligarchs. The paradox of the situation is that Gagauzia benefited from support from the European Union, Turkey. Practically nothing came from Russia. The Gagauz ethnics do not realize that they cut off their nose,” stated Ion Tabârță.

A week ago, Gagauzia’s Bashkan Yevgenia Guțul posted on social media a photo where she appears alongside the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This was taken on the sidelines of the World Youth Festival that was held in Sochi. Returning from Russia, Guțul told the press that the Kremlin leader expressed his support for the Gagauz autonomous unit.

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