Summit 2023. Maia Sandu: Our performance depends on us all

The European Political Community Summit is an event of maximum visibility for the Republic of Moldova and a proof of the fact that the whole European community trusts that the official Chisinau can organize a forum of such a scale, said President Maia Sandu. According to her, the second EPC Summit that is held in Bulboaca will tell the world about the Republic of Moldova, will stimulate investments and will help extend the relations with the European states. The proper conduct of the most important foreign policy event that that the Republic of Moldova hosts for the first time depends on common effort of the citizens and state institutions, IPN reports.

President Sandu noted that the EPC Summit is an efficient platform for discussing regional challenges and for identifying solutions to the existing problems, generated by the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

“Except for Russia and Belarus, this platformă includes all the countries from the continent that want peace, want to identify solutions to the problems caused by this war, first of all security and energy problems. This is a format of discussions that goes beyond the member states of the European Union. For us, this event is important as it represents recognition of the importance of the Republic of Moldova. The fact that such a forum that brings together so many leaders is held in Bulboaca means that these leaders trust that we, the citizens and state institutions, can organize such an event. It is also a proof of support as all these countries come here knowing that there is an ongoing war on the border. It is also a sign of support for Ukraine. Evidently, we will discuss how Ukraine can be supported further and how we can bring peace on the continent,” Maia Sandu stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

According to President Sandu, by hosting this event, the Republic of Moldova obtains more advantages, such as new opportunities on the European market for national producers, increased capacities for attracting investments and support in the European integration process.

“It is important that the European leaders know us better. It is one thing when you read a report about the Republic of Moldova and it is another thing when you come to the Republic of Moldova and talk to the people here. It is important for investments, for exports. It will be easier for us to promote the attraction of investments. It depends on us how well we present ourselves. I fully trust our citizens. The medium- and long-term advantages are larger in number than the discomfort with which particular citizens can be confronted. In general, we will discuss how to strengthen the relations between states so that the problems are solved by peaceful ways by avoiding aggressions like the one to which Russia resorted,” stated the official.

The European Political Community Summit involves 50 heads of state and government and high-ranking leaders of the EU. A number of 700 journalists of foreign media institutions were accredited to the event.

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