Spiridon Vangheli Obituary: Making Great Literature for the Little Ones

Spiridon Vangheli, the writer who throughout his life made great literature for the little ones, swapped his Blue Hut of Childhood for that of Eternity, reads a eulogy from President Maia Sandu.

Born on June 14, 1932 in the village of Grinăuți in Bălți County, Spiridon Vangheli graduated from the secondary school in the village of Pelinia, same county. In 1951, he was enrolled at the Pedagogical Institute of Balti, at the Faculty of Philology, and later transferred  to the Pedagogical Institute in Chisinau. Here, he launched the Literary Paper of the Institute and a literary cenacle that served as a springboard for many celebrated authors, including Grigore Vieru, Victor Teleucă, Gheorghe Vodă, Pavel Boțu, Mihail Ion Ciubotaru, Andrei Strâmbeanu, Valentin Mândâcanu and Ion Ungureanu.

Graduating from the Pedagogical Institute in 1955, Vangheli went on to work as a school teacher, then editor at the publishing houses Cartea Moldoveneasca and Lumina", and literary consultant at the Writers’ Union.

The year 1962 marks his literary debut with the volume “In the country of butterflies”. This was followed by “The Sun”, “On this World”, “The Boy from the Blue Hut”, “The Exploits of Guguță”, “The Minister of Grandpa”, “Guguță the Sea Captain” etc.

Vangheli translated world children’s poetry and prose (Peter and Wendy, Pippi Longstocking Ciorap-Lung and others), and in the 1970s-1990s he collaborated with Grigore Vieru on the compilation of Abecedar, the alphabet book that shaped many generations. Equally important was the project “Reading and thinking book for children” in 4 volumes, studied in primary school to this day.

Spiridon Vangheli’s work has been translated into 40 languages, registering around 20 million copies in 68 countries of the world. At the same time, several animated films were created based on Spiridon Vangheli’s books. As an editor, he made considerable effort to capitalize on the work of classical and contemporary writers.

In recognition of his “remarkable merits in promoting national and generally human values, especially in the education of children”, Spiridon Vangheli was awarded multiple distinctions, awards and titles, including the Hans Christian Andersen Award, one of the highest international children’s literature awards, 1974; the  State Award of Moldova, 1980; the Master of Art title, 1982; the State Award of the Soviet Union, 1988;  the People’s Writer title 1992; the Romanian Academy Award, 1996; the Order of the Republic, 1996 etc.

“Spiridon Vangheli’s characters were part of the childhood of many generations of Moldovans. And this goes on, as Guguță is ageless. Sincere condolences to the family, may God rest him in peace”, declared President Sandu.

Spiridon Vangheli died on June 21, aged 92. Monday, the day of his funeral, was decreed a day of national mourning, with the national flag to be flown at half-mast and a moment of silence to be observed nationwide.

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