SIS head: Many of our citizens who have Russian nationality would be affected by mobilization

The mobilization announced by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin makes the Moldovan authorities brace for new escalations of the war in Ukraine, said the director of the Security and Information Service (SIS) Alexandru Musteață. According to him, the so-called partial mobilization in Russia can change the front lines and the Republic of Moldova can face a new wave of refugees. Also, Moldova’s diplomatic missions in Russia work at full capacity so as to help the Moldovans who settled in Russia to easier return home, IPN reports.

The SIS chief said the coming of a larger number of persons to Moldova is the first impact of the mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin. As regards the Russians citizens who choose to come to the Republic of Moldova, the border police are thoroughly analyzing the goal of the visit and those who will be unable to justify their stay will not be allowed to cross the border.

“I examined the legislation of the Russian Federation and saw that this does not stipulate “partial mobilization”. This was only announced as partial. We are considering the risks implied by this announcement for the Republic of Moldova. The increase in the number of citizens who leave the Russian Federation for the Republic of Moldova is the first risk. First of all, it goes to our diaspora there
as many Moldovans hold the nationality of the Russian Federation and are affected by this mobilization. There are also Russian citizens who will come to the Republic of Moldova either by air or by land. We anticipate that their number will grow. Here, our role, alongside the Border Police, is to analyze who enters the country and for what purpose. If there are doubts concerning the person’s goal, access to the Republic of Moldova will be denied. This does not apply to our citizens who return. They are always welcome,” Alexandru Musteață stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

He noted that for now they do not have data about Moldovans who hold Russian nationality and who were called up. All those who want to return home from Russia can ask for support from the Moldovan consular authorities in Russia.

“The first risk for our citizens in Russia is to be mobilized and to be taken to the conflict zone. The mobilization can also lead to the escalation of the conflict and the modification of the front line. We see threats with the use of tactical nuclear weapons. This is a new level of the conflict. In case of escalation, we could have a new wave of migrants for which we should get ready. Our consular office in Moscow is on the alert. It issues our citizens with travel permits that enable them to leave Russia and come home. The demand for plane tickets is huge. We do not have a direct flight with the Russian Federation and many persons travel by land,” said Alexandru Musteață.

On September 21, the Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. The call-up is to cover 300,000 reservists with military training.

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