Serafim Urecheanu: When a democratic, competent, open and responsible government takes power, the separatist problem will vanish. Info-Prim Neo survey

Info-Prim Neo News Agency is conducting an opinion poll on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict among leaders of political parties, representatives of the civil society, and opinion shapers from both banks of the Nistru. The survey is aimed at finding out viewpoints that could contribute to the improvement of the present situation. All the participants were asked the same two questions. This time, the answers are given Serafim Urecheanu, the president of the Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN) Party. [- How can the dispute be solved in the opinion of the party you represent? In what way, through what mechanisms and during what terms is a settlement possible? ] - AMN has a complex vision on what is to be done to bring the eastern districts again under the full control of the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Moldova. We have always believed that the solution to the Transnistrian dispute can and must be incorporated into the Constitution of Moldova, which, in fact, already provides for a form of territorial autonomy, applied in the case of Gagauzia. The Gagauz model proved to be a success and is recognized by the international community as an example to be followed. Now, as concerns the Transnistrian settlement, the AMN and myself launched several years ago the idea of internationalizing the negotiation mechanism, harshly criticized at the time by the ruling party and Vladimir Voronin himself, and partially accepted through the introduction of the five-plus-two format. In this connection, I think that any other separate and hasty arrangement is inappropriate and risky. Therefore, we strongly support the idea of continuing talks in the current format. After nearly eight years of standstill, of simulation and delay of the reintegration process, forcing a settlement towards the end of the term of the Communist government is dangerous and at the same time doomed to failure. We should take exactly the time we need to find an optimal solution, but the AMN trusts that after a democratic, competent, open and responsible government takes power, the separatist problem will disappear in a couple of years. [- How do you think, how efficient and relevant to the created situation are the steps taken by the administration of Moldova at present? When do you think the effort made by the authorities will begin to produce results and what results can we expect?] - The stimulated effort improvised by the Communists to settle the Transnistrian issue is merely a pre-electoral action. Because of the failures in key social and economic sectors as well as the non-achievement of the foreign policy goals, the most important of which is the European integration, Vladimir Voronin is looking for a distraction for the voters in order to hypnotize the them and offer another electoral chance to the clan he is leading. We believe that the Communists bet wrong, or perhaps this was the only thing left for them to do. And if they will continue to push their luck and ignore the official format and process of negotiations, Moldova could end up engaged in major internal conflicts. Some strategists thing the Communist Party should be even pushed into that trap, after which, as a punishment, to be thrown out of the political life for good. But the Moldova Noastra Alliance believes the people must be rescued from the Communists without being exposed to risks.

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