Romania assumes decisive role in Moldova’s energy security

Romania’s energy sector “must have the capacity to satisfy all the needs of the Republic of Moldova, for an indefinite period, under any circumstances,” IPN reports, referring to National, which quotes “Romania’s Energy Strategy 2025-2035, with a Perspective for 2050.” The document certifies that the government in Bucharest undertook to fully ensure the energy supply of the Republic of Moldova, arguing that Romania’s energy security is “inextricably linked to that of its neighbors from over the Prut”.

At the same time, there are other opinions. Pointing to the “neighbors from over the Prut”, the source notes that “we give to other states” at a time that “we do not have energy”. Against this background, Romania is forecast to increase electricity imports to cover the shortfall caused by the closure of some production capacities. The significant challenges generated by market fluctuations and regional vulnerability caused by the war in Ukraine and, implicitly, by Romania’s geostrategic position on the eastern border of the European Union are also taken into account. Things need to be directed towards building a resilient energy sector, capable of reacting promptly and efficiently in the context of any type of crisis, in order to guarantee the continuous and secure supply of energy, according to the Energy Strategy 2025-2030.

“Romania must integrate the electricity market of the Republic of Moldova into the national and European one. Also, Romania is and will be part of the key regional projects and initiatives, targeting both electricity and gas transmission infrastructure, with a special emphasis on the implementation and completion of Projects of Common Interest (PCI). The interconnection of Romania’s natural gas and electric power transmission systems with those of the Republic of Moldova is a strategic objective of the two countries. The development of interconnections with Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, and Turkey is also of great importance,” reads the document drafted by the Government.

According to the normative act, Romania’s status as a provider of energy security in the Republic of Moldova and in the region is to a large extent ensured through the activity of national energy companies to which the state is a party. “All the six companies have ambitious development plans, including new investment objectives, refurbishment and modernization of particular facilities that are in operation and expansion in the region. As for the expansion in the region, an example is the takeover of the management of the national natural gas transmission system in the Republic of Moldova (operation, exploitation, distribution and transmission) by TRANSGAZ, through its subsidiary in the Republic of Moldova, Vestmoldtransgaz SRL, starting with September 2023,” the cited document also says.

As for the streamlining of the costs borne by the population, the Romanian government advocates the introduction of smart metering systems (SMI) and electricity contracts with dynamic prices, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions and optimize their electricity consumption patterns. The government in Chisinau is also taking measures to reduce the electricity costs incurred by the consumer.

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