Rodica Cujbă: Mobility of researchers opens up new opportunities

The mobility of students and researchers should be regarded through the angle of the opportunities that appear, the head of the Scientific Research Management Division of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) Rodica Cujbă stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.

She noted that over 25 teachers from Romania taught at the UTM during the 2022-2023 academic year alone. This is an example of transmission of the best European practices to students in the Republic of Moldova. The UTM researchers who travel to Romania return astounded by the research infrastructure that exists over the Prut, which enables to compete with researchers from Europe.

“Indeed, on the one hand, the mobility offers nice possibilities. On the other hand, the young people, seeing that they can do proper research there, often do not return home. So, there is the risk of emigration, while those young people who are there are actually the scientific diaspora of the Republic of Moldova and these most of the times take part in joint research projects with other countries. So, this risk becomes a new opportunity of cooperation with those universities and research centers that involve young people from the Republic of Moldova,” said Rodica Cujbă.

She approved of the relations and partnership between Moldova and Romania in education and research, noting the openness shown by the Romanian researchers, who lead Moldovan counterparts in the correct direction and encourage them.

As regards the average age of the Moldovan researchers, Rodica Cujbă said that this is close to 50 and this is worrisome. “Owing to the very low level of financing, research does not seem attractive to young people. A poll on the attractiveness of research among young people was carried out in September 2022. Most of these said that this sector is very interesting and attractive, but they go to other areas owing to the inadequate financing,” noted the official.

As to Moldovan researchers’ expectations, the head of the Scientific Research Management Division of the UTM said the whole scientific community of Moldova is impatient to see the research financing procedure for the next few years. “We surely expect that not only financing for salaries, but also investments in infrastructure will rise so as to enable the researchers to conduct research at home,” stated Rodica Cujbă.

The public debate entitled “Integration through training and research, Moldovan-Romanian educational projects” was staged in the framework of the project “Double integration through cooperation and information”, which is implemented by IPN News Agency with support from the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania.

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