Roberta Metsola about Moldova’s perspective of joining the EU in 2030: It depends on political aspects

The Republic of Moldova’s perspective of joining the European Union until 2030 depends on political aspects and this means that this variant cannot be excluded if things follow the correct path, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola stated for the press on the sidelines of the EPC Summit, IPN reports.

“As regards the time, the temporal axis, if we speak the accession to the European Union, it depends on political aspects. Why shouldn’t this happen?” said the European official. Asked by journalists if a negative assessment for the Republic of Moldova in the immediate period can affect the situation, the European official said that any country has its own path.

“We speak about the possibility of being a candidate country. We speak about agreements that already exist, roaming agreements, the possibility of going to work or study. We speak about the reforms in the justice sector. Surely, these are necessary. If we speak about reforms in other areas, surely these should all be done,” stated Roberta Metsola, adding that all the reforms, all the steps and approaches made in the direction of European integration should be public,” stated the European official.

Asked by journalists about Russia’s threats against Moldova, Roberta Metsola said that these are a common challenge. “I came here over a week ago and wanted to return as I know that the impact of these events is very important, including on the path of accession to the EU. We speak not only about support and the actions that are to be taken, but in particular about weaknesses and risks. There is this situation with Russia, we speak about interference, particular threats that we need to cope with. That’s why it is very important for the Republic of Moldova to cope with the current situation. It is ultimately a challenge not only for the Republic of Moldova, but is a common challenge,” stated Roberta Metsola.

The President of the European Parliament said that since February 24 last year, when Russia invaded Ukraine, they have spoken about risks, threats to the sovereignty of a country and this situation needs to be dealt with. “What I mentioned in a lot of meetings today is that leaders with different history, context and nationalities all speak about unity, power, settlement in concert,” noted Roberta Metsola.

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