Renato Usatyi: Government should leave as it showed its incapacity to manage things

The Cabinet led by Natalia Gavrilița should leave as it showed that it is unable to govern the country, said the former mayor of Balti Renato Usatyi. He expressed his conviction that the Our Party he leads will enter the next Parliament and said that the rise in the popular approval rating of the Shor Party is due to the mistakes made by the government and to the precarious financial situation of a part of the population, IPN reports.

Renato Usatyi noted the whole government team should resign as many of the current ministers are unable to manage the overlapping crises experienced by the Republic of Moldova.

“Except for several ministers, Popescu, Spatari, who left, the CFM head Oleg Tofilat, who do their job, the Cabinet should leave. I would like to see Marcel Spatari returning in a new formula with a new Prime Minster. Now this Government should leave as it showed its incapacity to manage things. Yes, we are close to a horrible war that was started by Russia in Ukraine. We are experiencing an economic and social crisis, but they do not do even elementary things for which money is not needed,” Renato Usatyi stated in the program “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

The ex-mayor of Balti said the popular approval rating of the Shor Party increased because this party exploits the precarious financial situation of the people to gain political advantages. The last public opinion poll published by the team “WatchDog” shows that the Shor Party would gain 11.3% of the poll if snap parliamentary elections were held next Sunday.

“The Shor Party is the only party whose rating increased three times after the last elections. But this is the problem of those who govern or will govern. The people are poor, deprived. They do not have coal and bread. But they (Shor Party, e.n.) will not enter Parliament if they do not spend money. In the last elections, they scarcely gained 5%. Today, Dodon no longer spends money in localities. Plahotniuc is absent. The Shor Party is the only party that distributes money in settlements. All the polls show that the Our Party has a rating of 3.5%. I know that we start from 3%, but will soon ensure a radical change and the Our Party will enter Parliament,” stated Renato Usatyi.

On January, 19, Renato Usatyi announced his return to politics, noting that the goal is to revitalize the Our Party. In the snap parliamentary elections of July 2021, the electoral bloc “Renato Usatyi” polled 4.1% of the ballot, being short of votes to enter Parliament.

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