Prosecutor’s actions in Metalferos case are nonprofessional, statement

Members of the Moldovan Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals Recycling and Collection Association consider the actions of the prosecutor who handles the Metalferos case are nonprofessional, are populist in character and are aimed at influencing public opinion.

The Association’s president Ion Drăniceru in a news conference at IPN said this prosecutor does nothing but make unfounded accusations against persons who are evidently innocent, instead of investigating the case honestly and in good faith. He asked to stop all the abusive actions against members of the Association – persons working on the metals market of Moldova, collectors and recyclers.

According to Ion Drăniceru, the prosecutor, instead of objectively investigating this case, launched a campaign to denigrate most of the business entities operating on this segment. “Public opinion is misled. We are associated with the criminal group led by Vladimir Plahotniuc. We are accused of complicity in the absence of clear evidence,” he stated.

Ion Drăniceru said the members of the Association are accused of buying scarp iron in 2018 at the price of US$131.53 and of indicating the sum of US$292.12 in the purchase documents, with the difference being transferred to companies controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc. The prosecutor does not pay attention to the accounting and other documents and bases his accusations on assertions made by persons who signed those purchase documents.

According to the prosecutor, Vladimir Plahotniuc founded the criminal group in 2009 and attracted members of the Association into this. But the Association does not need such association as it has worked efficiently since 2000. The Association created over 600 jobs and pays “millions“ in taxes into the state budget and ensures real profit for the state-run company Metalferos to which the Association delivers the collected scarp iron.

Ion Drăniceru expressed his concern, saying that if the Metalferos case is sent to court, the judges who will examine it could be subject to pressure as this is a high-profile case and no judge will be able to resist the pressure and to try the case honestly.

The Prosecutor General’s Office hasn’t yet commented on the statements made by the Moldovan Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals Recycling and Collection Association.

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