Virgiliu Pîslariuc: Causing of fear and panic is one of goals of aggressor


Moldova at the moment is not exposed to direct military threats, while Russia’s goal is to destabilize the situation so as to induce a state of permanent tensions in society, said historian Virgiliu Pâslariuc. According to the PAS MP, the developments in Ukraine already reveal the scenario of a war of attrition, with the Kremlin aiming to make the people of Ukraine surrender, IPN reports.

Historian Virgiliul Pâslariuc said that most probably, the active, violent phase of the war in Ukraine will wear off. The information war is an important part of the conventional war and Moldova is directly affected by the avalanche of fake and propaganda news generated by the Kremlin.

“The war reaches a long-lasting, latent phase and it will be probably less violent as the battle front is very big and none of the belligerent sides has the sources needed to take large-scale actions. It will be a war of resources, of nerves and the dynamics show that Russia will not obtain the undermining and destruction of the Ukrainian state and Ukraine will gradually regain its territories. The information war is a component part of the modern war. In a traditional war, the violent part constituted 80%, while the information part 20%. Now things reversed,” Virgiliu Pâslariuc stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei station.

According to the MP, the provocations, attempts to destabilize the situation by protests and propaganda will continue in the Republic of Moldova, but the state institutions are able to ensure the people’s security, peace and public order.

“These attempts to destabilize through disinformation, the causing of fear and panic are one of the goals of a belligerent side. The aggressor does not scare us with the tank only. The aggressor acts against the mind, tends to make the population of the state against which it fights to give up mentally. From our part, the resistance should be primarily a mental one. We must see where there is disinformation as a false image of things is created in order to paralyze the civilians’ will. We now do not have a direct military invasion danger, but actions are taken to destabilize by propaganda so as to try and mobilize particular groupings. But the state intervenes here and keeps the situation under control. The goal of the aggressor is to maintain tensions in society,” said the PAS MP.

As to Moscow’s rhetoric about Ukraine’s intention to attack the Transnistrian region, Virgiliu Pâslariuc said the Ukrainian army had to deploy troops close to the Transnistrian segment of the border with Moldova, but the tensions in the area are kept artificially.