Vaccination rate of 95% until December 1 recommended for frontline workers


The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission recommended achieving a vaccination rate of 95% among frontline workers, whose interaction with citizens poses a high risk of infection, until December 1, IPN reports.

It goes to the personnel of public and private health facilities, social-medical and recovery institutions and sanatoriums. A vaccination rate of 95% is also recommended for the personnel of placement centers for children and older persons and of post offices and banks.

The decisions also refers to employees of the units managed by the Ministry of the Interior and the Customs Service, employees of the central and local public authorities and all those who interact directly with people in the line of duty, such as employees of the Public Services Agency, drivers and workers of the hospitality industry.

The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission also extended the state of public health emergency declared nationwide on September 9 until November 30 inclusive. The vaccination rate in Moldova now stands at about 25%.