Two videos promoting consumption of eco-friendly products launched by “EcoVisio”


Two social videos that form part of a campaign to promote the purchase and consumption of products grown by Moldovans without using chemicals and with environmentally-sustainable means were launched in the ninth edition of the fair “Iarmareco 2021”, IPN reports.

The two video were produced in the framework of the Rural Agroecology Resilience Hub Project of the public association “EcoVisio”, as part of a campaign to promote eco-friendly agricultural products and producers that use sustainable means entitled “Do you care?”.

“AgroVisio” PR manager Dina Boțan said the two social videos were made in a move to support the producers of organic fruits and vegetables who, besides making physical effort, also employ a lot of love and devotion. Dina Boțan expressed her confidence that the people will support those who do not necessarily have financial benefits, but do their work with love.

Daniela Fornea, manager of the Rural Agroecology Resilience Hub Project, said the two videos are slightly different, but are a follow-up to the first video launched in June in partnership with the Education and Development Association. “We want to support the farmers and the consumers so that they choose consciously and want to purchase, while the farmers want to produce for consumers. The goal is to make the people choose something sustainable, which is grown at home,” stated Daniela Fornea.

In one of the videos, the protagonists are Geta Burlacu, Dorin Galben and writer Sergiu Afanasiu, who are shown eating locally grown products and sharing them with those around. The second video features farmers who grow organic products and consume them.

The campaign was planned as part of the Rural Agroecology Resilience Hub Project that is financially supported by the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility, which is implemented by UNDP Moldova to promote environmentally-friendly practices.