Transnistria authorities release Victor Pleshkanov


Victor Pleshkanov, who was arrested on June 10, 2022 by the Transnistrian militia, was set free. The Bureau for Reintegration Policies welcomed his release, stating that the detention was illegal, IPN reports.

Earlier, the Bureau said that Victor Pleshkanov was imprisoned by representatives of the unconstitutional bodies for publicly expressing his negative opinion about the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The wrongdoings to which he was subjected and the inhumane detention conditions affected his health. At the same time, he was not informed explicitly enough about his medical condition and he was taken to a health unit in the Transnistrian region by force.

“This case was permanently under the scrutiny of the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration and the Bureau for Reintegration Policies, with all the possible efforts being made jointly with the foreign partners and constantly informing the participants in the Transnistrian settlement process and the chief negotiator of Tiraspol about this case. In our calls, we always reiterated the demand to immediately and unconditionally release citizen Pleshkanov Victor from illegal detention, to restore his fundamental rights and freedoms, to provide the necessary medical assistance,” reads a press release issued after Pleshkanov’s release.

The Bureau urges Tiraspol to respond to the calls referring to other individual high-profile cases, by  the examples of Victor Pleshkanov and Adrian Glijin, with the immediate release of other citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who are illegally imprisoned and persecuted in the region: Alexandru Dimov, Stanislav Menzarari, Vladimir Dudnic, Mihail Ermurachi, Vadim Pogorletskii, A. Malyshev, and others.