The dead in Chetrosu are remembered during several days


The inhabitants of Chetrosu village of Anenii Noi district could remember the dead during several days before Sunday of the Dead, when they went to arrange the graves. The local priest went to the cemetery on Friday first and plans to do it the next days too, until Tuesday, and everyone will be able to remember the dead by avoiding crowdedness and risks related to the pandemic.

Priest Andrei Pârgaru, of “Great Saint Martyr Dumitru” Church of Chetrosu, has told IPN that Sunday of the Dead in their settlement is celebrated on Sunday, but he was phoned by many persons who said they would like to remember the dead, but cannot come on Sunday. He urged them to write the names of the dead on a piece of paper and live it at the church as this is open and to go to the graves during the Light Week between Easter Sunday and Sunday of the Dead.

Even in the absence of the faithful, the priest will go through the cemetery to remember the dead by reading the name written on the cross. Those who intend to go to the cemetery on Sunday are urged to delegate by one family member only so as to avoid crowdedness. The people are urged to eat at home and not to take food and alcoholic drinks with them and to strictly obey all the imposed pandemic restrictions, including wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing.

As to the gifts offered in memory of the dead, priest Andrei Pârgaru said these should not be given to relatives as they should be alms for those who really need. The dead do not eat and drink and do not need all these. A piece of bread should be given to those who are hungry or the gift does not have any purpose.