State of emergency to be extended for 30 more days


The state of emergency will be prolonged for another 30 days as from December 1. The draft decision presented by the Cabinet was accepted by Parliament, IPN reports.

Minister of the Interior Adrian Efros said in Parliament that such a decision is based on the risks associated mainly with the war in Ukraine. “The national authorities must further take into account any scenario related to the military developments, foreign interference and the potential consequences of these for the Republic of Moldova,” he stated.

The minister noted that according to the information provided by the national responsible services, there is a high probability that the Russian armed forces will step up attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. The supply of electricity to Moldova can be disrupted. Therefore, the state of emergency will enable the Cabinet to take the necessary measures to ensure, maintain and strengthen the country’s energy security.

The bill to extend the state of emergency was examined in the absence of the opposition. The MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists left the assembly hall at the start of the sitting after none of their proposals was supported by the parliamentary majority. Among others, the BCS group asked to exclude the bill on the state of emergency from the agenda, arguing that this regime has been in force for two years and shows in practice that the administration turned into dictatorship that can govern only using emergency instruments.

The state of emergency in Moldova was declared on February 24, 2022 and was extended for multiple times since then, the last time on September 21.