State of emergency declared in Moldova for 30 days


A state of emergency was declared in Moldova for a 30-day period, until November 20. A draft decision to this effect was adopted by Parliament at the suggestion of the Government. The MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists criticized the government, saying the negotiations with the Russian side were intentionally jeopardized so as to purchase gas from alternative sources in a nontransparent way, IPN reports.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița said that during the state of emergency, the Commission on Emergencies will institute a special regime for the purchase of natural gas, will allocate money for buying the necessary volumes of gas and will adopt decisions for taking fast action to ensure gas supplies, including by derogation from normative documents.

In his speech, BCS MP Petru Burduja said that what is going on now in the country is nothing else but paving of the way for a new “billion theft”, by the bank fraud model. An energy crisis was caused intentionally and the negotiations with Gazprom were put at risk intentionally.

BCS MP Vasile Bolea noted that the resignation of the current Government is an alternative for Moldova in the case of any crisis. Those who are able to manage the situation should be allowed to do it. The legal framework provides sufficient instruments for handing the created situation. The farce witnessed today in Parliament should be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

PAS MP Dan Perciun stated that the prices grew ten times on the international market and the developments were determined by objective circumstances. In such conditions, all the countries took measures and provide compensations to the population. The Government of Moldova will do the same. Moldova needs alternative sources of gas supplies so as to be able to negotiate and obtain the best prices for the citizens.

The bill was supported by 55 PAS MPs. Two MPs of Șor Party and three BCS MPs voted against. The other MPs abstained.