Record high of COVID-19 cases this season


A number of 787 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Moldova on September 2, with 175 of these being reported in Chisinau. This is a record high this season. Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban said there are for now enough places at the COVID-19 Center at “Moldexpo”. A number of 260 patients are now receiving treatment there, with a total of 350 beds being provided, IPN reports.

Seventeen persons were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit that includes 30 beds. There are also 100 triage beds for persons suspected of having COVID-19. If need be, the Municipal Ftiziopneumology Hospital will activate 150 beds, six of which are in the Intensive Care Unit.

The municipal extraordinary public health commission will be convoked to analyze the epidemiological situation and the COVID-19 infection rate. According to the mayor, the commission will also consider the possibility of allocating funds from the municipal budget for testing teachers. “We undertake to ensure the testing of the teachers of the schools of Chisinau,” Ion Ceban posted on Facebook.