Project to build resilience of civil society


A project to build the resilience of civil society was launched in Chisinau. A number of organizations will improve their capacity to cooperate with the private sector and other partners. The five-year project is implemented by “Contact” Center with financial support from USAID Moldova, IPN reports.

Civil society’s resilience will be built by improving the SCOs’ capacity to interact with the beneficiaries, constituents and with new civic players and also by ensuring the financial sustainability of SCOs and by mobilizing local financial resources. “We want the internal resources in the SCOs’ budgets to grow by 10% and the people’s level of confidence in SCOs to increase,” said the executive director of “Contact” Center Sergei Neikovchen.

Mission Director for USAID Moldova Jeff Bryan noted that as Moldova has anchored in Europe and aims to join the EU, the strengthening of democratic institutions, improvement of the decision-making process and ensuring of transparency and the government’s responsibility are more and more important.

The head of the Cabinet’s Office Adrian Băluțel underscored the importance of the joint effort made by the Government and civil society to identify opportunities for engaging the organizations in the process of working our public policy, in consultancy, public services so as to ultimately ensure the financial sustainability of SCOs.

There are over 14,000 officially registered civil society organizations in Moldova.