President Sandu appeals to solidarity in the face of concurrent crises


President Maia Sandu is asking Moldovans to show solidarity and care for one another in the face of a gas crisis that sets in at a time when the threat of a new coronavirus wave looms large.

Amid a rapid increase in the number of infections with the omicron variant, the president has urged those with symptoms to isolate themselves, and those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. “Thousands of people have already become infected with this variant. About 200 children are hospitalized today with COVID-19, and the forecast for the next few days and weeks is more than alarming. Once again: we can get through this crisis more easily only through a joint effort”, stated Sandu.

Regarding the state of emergency in the energy sector, the president noted that Moldova can not give up importing energy resources and can not build alternatives for energy production overnight. Under these conditions, the government comes to the aid of the citizens, paying compensation for the higher tariffs. However, the government cannot cover the full cost of the increases, because then there would be no money left for other needs of the country. “That is why people need to learn to consume energy more rationally. Thermally insulate the buildings in which they live and save energy in public institutions. This will reduce the cost of heat and electricity.”

The president urged citizens to avoid being manipulated, divided and deceived “by populists or corrupt people who are desperate for power”. “Let's do everything we can to remain part of the free world and not forget how important respect for human dignity is,” said President Sandu.

Parliament today decreed a formal 60-day state of emergency to manage energy security risks.