Peter Michalko: EU offered Moldova grants totaling €1bn during past ten years


“Each year on May 9, we commemorate the Schuman Declaration that was the starting point of the current European Union. Exactly 71 years ago, there was presented a new view of Europe that brought to an end wars and conflicts, violence and inequalities and created space for peace and cooperation, respect for the human rights and possibilities for everyone to realize their potential. These values could have seemed utopian at that moment, but they became a reality, together with the creation of the European Union, while the EU promotes its values in our cooperation with our neighbors and partners because we understand that these values form the basis for development, security and prosperity for the benefit of the whole Europe and the world,” the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova Peter Michalko stated in a video message posted on the occasion of Europe Day, IPN reports.

According to Peter Michalko, the values embraced by the EU also form the basis for the Association Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Moldova. “Democracy, the human rights and the rule of law are those principles that lead to European standards and that will become a reality in the life of the people in the Republic of Moldova, by reforms in key sectors for society, such as the justice sector reform and reform of the economy, so as to increase exports, attract investors and create more and better paid jobs, to improve infrastructure and increase the quality of life,” said the EU Ambassador to Moldova.

The official noted that the EU is the biggest commercial partner of the Republic of Moldova, which absorbs about 70% of Moldova’s exports and offers approximately 80% of the foreign direct investment in Moldova’s economy. “The EU is also the largest supporter of the Republic of Moldova through development assistance, with over €1 billion provided through grants the past ten years, after implementing over 1,000 projects, together with the projects financed by the EU member states. But the potential of our relations is much greater and with real reforms. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova will see more prosperity and development of the towns, settlements and the whole country,” stated the diplomat.

According to him, this year more than ever, Europe Day is a chance to ponder over what contributed to solidarity during these times of a pandemic and what we hope to achieve in the future. “It is a chance to make our citizens feel safer, to strengthen their feeling of affiliation with something bigger and to assure our partner countries that there is a devoted friend on which they can count, as it is stated in the inter-institutional “union” theme of Europe Day,” said Peter Michalko, noting that the EU and its member states, acting together as “Team Europe” to help overcome the current health crisis, have focused on the support for the most vulnerable groups and small businesses of the Republic of Moldova.

According to him, approximately 400,000 vaccine doses have been provided so far to Moldova through the COVAX Facility, with the support of the EU and by the donation made by Romania, which is an EU member state. Over €127 million was mobilized to offer concrete support to the Moldovans. “Nevertheless, the EU cannot function alone. It needs full cooperation on the part of the Moldovan authorities, in accordance with the EU – Moldova Association Agreement. In the recent presidential elections, the citizens firmly expressed their wish for reforms and the fight against corruption, offering a powerful historical mandate to President Maia Sandu. Following the most recent decisions taken by the Moldovan authorities, the EU has closely monitored the developments and expects that free and fair parliamentary elections will be held, in accordance with the expectations of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” stated the EU Ambassador to Moldova.

“We went through a year that was difficult for the Republic of Moldova and the whole world, but together we are more powerful and will succeed.”