Parliament designates five CEC members


The legislative body on September 16 nominated five members of the Central Election Commission. These are the candidates proposed by the Party of Action and Solidarity. The candidate fielded by Șor Party was short of votes, while the candidates of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists weren’t considered. Pavel Postica, the CEC member named by the President, was also present in the Parliament’s assembly hall, IPN reports.

Under the law, the CEC members are named by Parliament by a majority of votes of MP. Of the nine CEC members, one is nominated by the President, while eight by Parliament, depending on the number of seats held by each of the parliamentary groups.

The PAS group proposed Alexandru Berlinschii, Angelica Caraman, Sergiu Gurduza, Ludmila Lupașco and Alexandru Musteața.

The Șor group suggested Vadim Banaru, but only six MPs voted for this.

The BCS’s candidates Vasile Postolache, Vitalie Miron and Lilian Enciu weren’t put to the vote. The BCS MPs earlier left the assembly hall in protest that the questioning of the NAER managers and of the minister of infrastructure and regional development wasn’t included in the agenda.  

Speaker Igor Grosu said the Parliament’s Standing Bureau will decide when these candidates will be put to the vote. According to him, the opposition has and will have three positions in the CEC.

The mandate of the previous CEC expired in June, but was extended for 90 days given that it was the electoral period prior to the snap parliamentary elections of July 11.