No general education institution applies remote learning at present


No general education institution in Moldova is on remote learning now. Only seven classes are self-isolating. The number of students who tested positive for COVID-19 is of 102, with 1,114 students having quarantined. 163 teachers were confirmed with the novel coronavirus and 86 are self-isolating, IPN reports, quoting the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

As regards the early education institutions, four kindergartens and 14 groups are quarantining. Four children have contracted the novel coronavirus, while 603 children are self-isolating. 71 teachers were confirmed with COVID-19, while 63 teachers are self-isolating. Sixty-seven non-teaching and ancillary personnel members contracted the virus, while another 50 such employees are self-isolating.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research reiterated its call to the managers of education institutions, teachers and students to further obey all the anti-COVID-19 measures.