NBM will be responsible for three negotiation chapters with EU


In the process of joining the EU, the National Bank of Moldova will be responsible for three negotiation chapters with the European Union, said governor Anca Dragu. According to her, both Moldovan banks and companies must be prepared to access the pre-accession funds available to the real sector, IPN reports.

“The importance of the moment made me to take on this position of great responsibility. And when I say the importance of the moment, I think of the stage that the Republic of Moldova has started to negotiate the accession to the European Union. We should be very clear. The European Union is the project that brings peace and prosperity to the Member States. Moldova must be part of the European Union. Moldova belongs to Europe,” Anca Dragu stated in the program “In the Context” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

The governor noted that the central bank plays a very important role in the negotiations. The NBM is also the main pillar in three of the 35 negotiation chapters, but in total it is involved in ten of them. “The three chapters in which we, the NBM, are the first violin are: the free movement of capital that is the most important one, then the financial sector and the monetary and economic policy. There, the Government also plays a very important role,” said Anca Dragu.

Referring to the free movement of capital, she said that in an economic union, in the European Union, there are particular elementary principles, namely the free movement of capital, the free movement of goods and services and people. “In fact, the National Bank plays a role in leading and concluding negotiations in an area that represents the key area of an economic union. Actually, we are very important and we organize ourselves. We need to make sure that we have the human resources, that we are in a continuous relationship with Brussels and that we are present and active. This is very important,” stated the governor of the National Bank.

“As I worked for European institutions and know the pre-accession and accession processes of other states that are now EU member states, I think this is a great advantage. I understand the negotiation mechanism. I understand the important institutions in the European Union. So, in short, my contribution can only be a very good one,” added Anca Dragu.