Natalia Gavrilița: Having pensions of 800 lei is outrageous


The increasing of the minimum pension to 2,000 lie, management of the pandemic crisis, clearing of state institutions of corrupt persons and restoration of the foreign financial assistance are among the immediate priorities of the Government led by Natalia Gavrilița, after she obtains a vote of confidence from Parliament. The Prime Minister-Designate said things will be done very sweetly so that the people feel an improvement in the quality of life as soon as possible, IPN reports.

Natalia Gavrilița said the promise to raise the minimum pension to 2,000 lei, which was made by PAS in the election campaign, will be fulfilled during the first meetings of the Cabinet and the draft decision will be later submitted to Parliament for adoption.

“We will achieve this desideratum to increase pensions to 2,000 lei. Having persons with length of service who receive a pension of 800 lei in 2021 is outrageous. There are persons who worked as tractor drivers or cultivated tobacco, which is hard work, and now do not have a decent pension on retirement. It is our moral obligation to correct this injustice,” Natalia Gavrilița stated in the program “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

She noted the new Government also aims to handle the pandemic crisis given the new wave of infections. Also, from the very first meetings of the Government, they will start to clean the state institutions of corrupt elements. Furthermore, the Government set the objective of quickly restoring the foreign financial assistance.

“The IMF will unconditionally provide a sum of US$236 million. This sum will help us to rebalance the budget and will give us space to negotiate a new program to the value of US$558 million for the next three years. Also, in the last meeting with President Sandu, the representatives of the EU announced assistance of €600 million for economic recovery,” said Gavrilița. 

On August 6, the Prime Minister-Designate and the governmental team will appear before Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence. The Government is invested by the votes of at least 51 MPs. The Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) has 63 MPs.