Mrs. Otilia Cotruța nominated Executive Director REALITATEA




[en] Press release

The Realitatea press group, with great pleasure, announces the nomination of Mrs. Otilia Cotruța in the position of Executive Director REALITATEA.

Based on the experience and the will with which she dedicated herself to the field of media and PR, we are happy to entrust Otilia Cotruța with the portfolio of responsibility that will be related to strengthening partnerships, projects development, marketing, PR and sales. During 7 years, in her capacity as editor-in-chief of the bani.md platform, Otilia Cotruța showed a perfect understanding of the values ​​of the media, independence and journalistic deontology.

Otilia Cotruța will be part of the group's business management team, being supported by the content management, represented by Petru Cosoi, online editor-in-chief and Irina Luca, RLIVE TV editor-in-chief, as well as by the entire team.

We express the conviction that Otilia Cotruța experience, energy and special work capacity will certainly contribute to a new level of development of the realitatea.md, bani.md, rlive.md platforms, as well as of RLIVE TV.

This decision comes in the context of the effort of consolidation and development of the Realitatea group during 2021, made by launching the first live broadcast television RLIVE TV and the technical, design and content relaunch of the realitatea.md, bani.md and rlive.md platforms.

We wish Otilia much success in this responsible step in her career.

Thank you all for reading and appreciating us, which makes us even better every day.

Realitatea is an electronic media group, launched in 2014, consisting of: the first live broadcast television - RLIVE TV, news platforms - realitatea.md, bani.md and the online live broadcast platform - Rlive.md.

The news platforms realitatea.md, bani.md and rlive.md accumulate over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month and over 4,000,000 visits per month, with over 200,000 subscribers on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, TikTok and Ok).

RLIVE TV is the first live broadcasts television of public and commercial events. RLIVE TV is distributed nationwide, through the largest cable and IPTV networks, accumulating over 80% of the coverage in the country. RLIVE TV is also distributed online by 11 news portals, with more than 4 million views per month.

For 2022, the Realitatea press group will focus on the development and extending the RLIVE TV programs, will launch a Russian-language news portal and a lifestyle portal, as well as the English language version of the realitatea.md platform.


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