Mayors in Sălcuța and Ialpujeni elected in first round of voting


Sălcuța village of Căușeni district and Ialpujeni village of Cimișlia district elected their new mayors in the first round of voting on Sunday. In Braniște village of Râșcani district, a runoff vote will be held in two weeks, IPN reports.

According to the preliminary results presented by the Central Election Commission, the elections in Sălcuța were won by the candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova Liliana Bacal with 64.31% of the ballot.

In Ialpujeni, the Party of Socialists’ candidate Vitalie Burduh gained most of the votes - 50.63% of the poll.

In Braniște, none of the three candidates won more than half of the cast votes. The two candidates who gained most of the votes in the first round of voting will compete for the mayoralty in two weeks. These are the Democratic Party’s candidate Veaceslav Popa and the Party of Action and Solidarity’s candidate Daniela Coltun.

The Central Election Commission noted that until the documents in the original are not received from the inferior electoral bodies, the election results are considered preliminary.