Mayor of Corjova: We are ignored as left bank is not seen from Government Building


The mayor of Corjova village that is located on the left side of the Nistru is de facto controlled by the Transnistrian bodies and does not benefit from any support from the Moldovan constitutional authorities. According to Sergiu Oprea, the most frequent problems faced by the people in Corjova refer to social and medical assistance, but the Moldovan authorities do not promise anything when the mayor’s office asks for support, IPN reports.

The mayor noted that since 1992, the locality has been ignored by the authorities in Chisinau. But most of the locals in Corjova fought in the Nistru war.

“The Corjova mayor’s office is the only one in our country that is situated on a territory that is de facto controlled by the Transnistrian bodies. It is unpleasant as neither the Government nor the Parliament or the Presidential Office devotes attention to us. I think it happens so because we are far away, below the Nistru, and the left side is not seen from the Government Building. We do not want to be offered more than to the others only because we are located on the left side. They should give us at least what we are entitled to. I have served as a mayor since 2011.  I have a big file with all the requests made to the Government and Parliament. We explain the problems we experience to them. The response to all our approaches concerning medical and social aspects is that they cannot help us,” Sergiu Oprea stated in the talk show “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

According to the mayor, the population of Corjova permanently has a feeling of uncertainty. Not even the local police can fulfill their duties unrestrictedly.

“Nothing has changed in our village since 1992. No one defends us. We defend us on your own. We have two police officers, but they come dressed in civvies. They cannot go to the village in police uniform as they will be arrested. We have “Mihai Eminescu” Lyceum in Corjova. Initially, we experienced many problems as it used the Latin script. Now even children of representatives of the Dubăsari district administration are brought to our school as they realized that there is no future otherwise. Many understood that it is better to be together with the Republic of Moldova as the future is here,” said Sergiu Oprea.

The mayor noted their village has a very modest budget and they cannot launch infrastructure projects in their commune with such funds.

“I think we have the smallest budget in Moldova, of almost 2 million lei, and we also have a percentage from the budget, from the reserve fund, of 20,000-24,000 per 5,000 inhabitants. What can we do with this money? We pay salaries and rental for the mayor’s office. We rent three offices from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, but use only two of them as we have unsuccessfully fought to obtain the third office for six years,” stated Sergiu Oprea.

According to the mayor of Corjova, there are about 5,000 inhabitants in the locality, but the exact number of residents is not known. Attempts have been made in time to take a population census there, but all these were thwarted by the Transnistrian bodies.