Maia Sandu: Sacrifice of those who struggled cannot be forgotten


The President of Moldova Maia Sandu on May 9 laid flowers at the Memorial Complex “Eternity”, in memory of the millions of people who died during World War II, IPN reports, quoting the presidential press service.

“I expressed my respect and gratitude to those who fought and sacrificed their lives for peace to return to the European continent in May 1945. Of them, hundreds of thousands were our compatriots, our grandparents and great-grandparents,” stated Maia Sandu.

She noted that the sacrifice of those who fought cannot be forgotten. “It teaches us how precious peace is. We are obliged to keep it, to praise life and to offer our people the chance to live their lives with hope, in peace and prosperity,” said President Sandu.

In a video message posted on Facebook, Maia Sandu noted that “the day of May 9 has a symbolic meaning for our country. The territory of the Republic of Moldova was in the center of the big tragedies of the 20th century. The wave of Fascist hatred hit harshly our communities based on religious and ethnical criteria and a serious blow was later given to the people from here by class hatred, organized famine and repression”.

According to President Sandu, the joy today is related to the victory against Nazism and fascism, but also to the peace that embraced Europe after this victory. “Peace is the most precious result of this victory and peace is possible, including owing to the rethinking of the way in which the European nations cooperate, solve conflicts and develop in harmony within a united Europe,” noted the official.

“May 9 has a separate symbolic significance. It is the day in which two great European nations, the French one and the German one, decided to leave behind a past full of hatred and division, which brought death, wars and unhappiness to everyone, and to build a common, free and prosperous future. This is how United Europe appeared. This is that free and prosperous Europe   of which we also want to form part.”