Maia Sandu – 51.46%, Igor Dodon – 48.54% with 90% of vote reports counted


With 90% of the vote reports from national polling stations being counted, PAS candidate Maia Sandu appears to have won 51.46% of the ballot, while independent candidate Igor Dodon – 48.54%, IPN reports, quoting the preliminary data of the CEC.

In the municipality of Chisinau, after counting about 86% of the vote reports, the PAS leader is shown to be the winner with 59.69% of the ballot. Igor Dodon gained 40.31% of the vote.

With 95.24% of the vote reports from the 42 polling stations established for Transnistrian voters being counted, the results stand as follows: Igor Dodon – 85.22%, while Maia Sandu – 14.78%.

With 34 vote reports from the 139 out-of country polling stations being counted, Maia Sandu is shown to have gained 65.94% of the poll, while Igor Dodon – 34.06%.

The voter turnout in the presidential runoff was almost 53%, which is 1.645 million voters.