Local councilor from Corjova, Dubăsari, detained by Transnistrian border guards


Local councilor Valeriu Mițul from Corjova village of Dubăsari district, who is a Nistru war veteran and a human rights activist, this morning was detailed at a checkpoint in Lunga village of Dubăsar district, which is a territory controlled by the de facto Transnistrian administration, IPN reports.

“Promo-LEX” Association informed through social media that the self-styled border guards took Valeriu Mițul’s identification papers and held him for an hour at the checkpoint. Later, they returned the papers to him and told him he is banned from entering the Transnistrian region. According to “Promo-LEX”, this is the second illegal detention of Valeriu Mițul in two months.

The situation of Valeriu Mițul is similar to that of war veterans Yury Coțofan and Victor Timuș, who were detained by the so-called border guards in August 2020 and in an hour were informed about the ban on entering the region.

“Promo-LEX” calls on the constitutional authorities, including the Reintegration Policies Bureau, not to take only bureaucratic and formal actions, but to make additional efforts to prevent such abusive detentions.

“I want this problem to be discussed at the upper level and to be solved for good, not only an immediate temporary reaction to be presented,” stated Valeriu Mițul.